SHOELACES (OTE: $145,000 – $155,000+)

As a young man in Chicago, John Mulholland was fascinated with magic.
He would go on to become a well-respected professional magician, for more than 20 years.

Then, in 1953 (at the outset of the Cold War) … the CIA covertly engaged Mulholland to compose an instructional manual about deception and misdirection. One of these manuals was called “Recognition Signals”.

Among other things, this manual provided detailed instructions, allowing CIA agents to communicate secret messages to one another – using their shoelaces!

Different lacing patterns conveyed unique, secret messages such as … “follow me” … “I’ve brought someone” or “you are in danger”!

The ability to communicate without using dubious movements … proved to be very useful.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Nothing, really.

In fact, it’s no secret whatsoever, that Match and Fable’s latest role in the GTA is with a magnificent organization, sure to be a wonderful career move for the right individual.


Match and Fable is working with a nationally renowned and highly respected logo.

If you’ve dreamed of working for a billion-dollar+ Canadian company … with a focus on flexibility and responsiveness in their solutions – look no further.

Our client offers one of the most admired workplace cultures in the nation – (enjoying a 3.8-star Glassdoor review)!

They genuinely offer vast career opportunities for you to continue developing your skill set … and the environment is wonderfully collaborative.



  • Specialized focus, selling into the Electronics / Hi-Tech vertical segment to achieve sales quota
    The role includes growth and retention targets via SoW (Share of Wallet) + net logo acquisition
  • Forecast, track client account performance metrics, vertical and market specific research and understand industry trends to enable growth + cross functional internal collaboration to support client requirements
  • Negotiate complex contracts and strategic multi-year renewals for all clientele
  • Lead and orchestrate Quotes + Bids + RFIs + RFPs


  • Required: 5 – 7 years of outside sales experience in technology or electronics
  • A “Solution Selling” based background … selling into C-Suite decision-makers
  • Current experience … selling multi-million-dollar deals
  • Strong financial acumen


BASE SALARY: $80,000 – $90,000
ON-TARGET VARIABLE: $65,000 (uncapped)
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $145,000 – $155,000
OTHER: RRSP + benefits + car allowance ($800) + technology + WFH flex


1.  Email your resume to Jordana Matsos at;
2. Ensure the subject line reads; SHOELACES – 22A21MTCHFBL
3. Based on the job description … please tell Jordana what makes you a legitimate contender.

DAMN BIG BEE – (OTE: $120,000 – $135,000+)

In 1859 … as British explorer, Alfred Russel Wallace was strolling around Bacan Island (in Indonesia) … he came across something, extremely extraordinary!

As he described it … it was “a large black wasp-like insect, with immense jaws like a stag-beetle.” Turns out, it was a never-before-seen … wild species of bee!

What made it so unique … was its sheer size!
The species (unsurprisingly named, Wallace’s Giant Bee) is the world’s largest bee … with females reaching lengths of nearly 4cm … with wingspans of more than 6cm!

Long believed to be extinct, the WGB had not been spotted for over a century – until American researcher Adam Catton Messer, finally stumbled upon another – in 1981!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Not much really.

That said … if you’re a real hunter and don’t mind being busy as a bee … you can make some real nice ‘honey’ in this position!


One of Canada’s largest intermodal LTL carriers with coast-to-coast facilities and services.
Globally recognized for their contribution to the Canadian marketplace.

Asset-based carrier with decades of experience in warehousing, fulfillment and Canada-wide distribution of consumer and industrial goods.



  • Your primary mission is to achieve sales targets and metrics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • This is an Outside Sales role, so local travel to your prospects will be the key to your success.
  • You’ll do this by hunting for new business via warm and cold reach-outs to prospects.
  • The Business Development Manager must thrive in a quick sales cycle environment. 
  • BDM’s play a vital role in supporting sales growth through “net-new” acquisition of multi-national clients


  • 3+ years of successful B2B sales achievements – exceeding targets!
  • High drive and passion for connecting with clients
  • Relentless in your pursuit of prospects
  • Influential … and able to guide a client with a persuasive process


BASE SALARY: $80,000 – $95,000
ON-TARGET VARIABLE: $40,000 (uncapped)
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $120,000 – $135,000
OTHER: car allowance + mileage + cell allowance + benefits + work from home flex


1: Email your resume to Jordana Matsos at;
2: Ensure the subject line reads; DAMN BIG BEE – 27J20MTCHFBL.
3: Based on the job description … tell Jordana specifically … why you’re a fit for this role.

THE ‘EARN YOUR STRIPES’ ROLE (OTE: $60,000 – $120,000+)

The expression “earning one’s stripes” comes from the military practice of awarding service members with crests, often resembling stripes.  The stripes indicate rank – and one’s rank means a lot!

The US Army awards a single stripe for each 3-year period of service.
The Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard … stretch it to 4 years.

Now, the concept of “earning your stripes” doesn’t only apply to the military.
At Match and Fable we talk to a hell of a lot of sales professionals – from newbies to ultra-experienced!

New sales professionals pine for the day they can meet the requirements of the senior, big money roles!
The path to getting there is … successful experience.
They have to earn their “sales stripes”.

The best way to earn these stripes is to join a company that will invest in your training.
A company with a blueprint on how to be successful and a Sales Manager who will provide the guidance as long as you bring the desire to learn.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
A lot, actually!

Match and Fable’s latest role is a great opportunity for someone who wants to build a life-long career in sales!
Not only will you receive top-shelf training and mentorship … but you’ll also have the opportunity to genuinely earn a fantastic income!



As a Sales Representative … you will sell a product and solution into the RESIDENTIAL market.
A product EVERYONE needs!

This is a fantastic opportunity to earn a pretty great income and progress your career … by selling heating and cooling products and solutions (by appointment) within the residential market segment.

You will have an abundance of potential clients to present to … and you’ll receive world-class support from your Sales Manager for everything you’ll need to be successful – (training, marketing & technical support)!

Paid training consists of an intensive 3-week course on the company’s sales process and products and ride-a-long’s with successful team members.

Your primary mission will be to achieve sales targets and metrics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


  • Responsible for prospecting and selling … through regular, residential sales calls across your territory
  • This is a business development role
  • Provide consultative sales approach – creating value for both the customer and the organization
  • Meet with potential customers (often in the early evening)
  • Identify and prioritize high potential sales opportunities


  • At least 1 year of sales experience
  • A proven track record of successful sales experience selling into the consumer market (residential sales)
  • Self-motivated, results-driven and highly organized with excellent time management skills
  • A strong commitment to providing an excellent customer experience by providing a thorough, informative presentation that distinguishes our client from their competition
  • Hungry, dedicated … and able to work under pressure with an ambitious attitude


BASE SALARY: 100% commission based (Average first year earnings range from $60,000 – $120,000)
TRAINING SALARY: 8 weeks of paid training ($750.00 per week)
YEAR 1 ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $60,000 – $120,000 (uncapped)
OTHER: solid training + extensive medical/dental coverage + mileage + cell + educational reimbursement

INTERESTED?  There are 4 things we’ll need from you;

  1. Please send your resume to Jordana Matsos at
  2. Ensure the subject line of your email reads; STRIPES – 25J20-MTCHFBL
  3. In a short email … tell Jordana how your experience fits what we’ve outlined above.
  4. Please include a link to your social media presence (LinkedIn etc …)

YOU GIVE ME FEVER (OTE: $96,000 – $100,400+)

In 1847, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis noticed that ladies giving birth in a maternity clinic in Vienna … were dying at an alarming rate!

The deaths were attributed to an ailment dubbed, “childbed fever” … but Semmelweis wasn’t buying it.

He began investigating and discovered that women treated in the doctors’ ward were dying 5x more often than those in the midwives’ clinic!

He quickly determined that doctors were conducting autopsies, as well as delivering babies. And to make matters far worse … these doctors were often moving directly from one procedure to the next – spreading infection from dead bodies to maternity ward patients!

To halt transmission, Semmelweis introduced simple disinfection procedures. Maternity wards were to be kept clean … and doctors were required to wash their hands. As a result, the rate of “childbed fever” plummeted.

Despite its effectiveness … his solution was ridiculed by many doctors, who considered it insulting to be required to wash their hands!

The incessant criticism eventually led Dr. Semmelweis to suffer a nervous breakdown.
He ended up in a mental asylum … and died, in 1865.

Ironically, his cause of death was ruled; sepsis … the very same thing that had killed all those women in the maternity ward!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Nothing at all.

That said, now that we have your attention … we’d like to introduce you to Match and Fable’s latest role – a Regional Sales Manager in Saskatoon.



As RSM, you’ll be accountable for leading a high-performance sales team in the Greater Saskatoon Region.

Reporting to the GM, you’ll handle the day-to-day leadership of sales reps, including coaching and development, managing and achieving team targets, approving business proposals and reporting team metrics to Senior Leadership.


  • Develop, lead and mentor your sales team to achieve sales targets
  • Ensure team metrics are achieved by acting as a player / coach and respected point of escalation
  • Maximize the team’s efficiency – via direct coaching and interaction, enhanced analytics and direct management interaction
  • Maintain and develop relationships within all areas of the business
  • Maximize portfolio growth through development of any potential sales or customer service opportunities
  • Impact execution of localized marketing strategies


  • Business Degree (or equivalent work experience)
  • 3 to 5 years of successful sales leadership … managing a team of 5+
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and lead sales professionals, to achieve their full sales potential
  • A high level of commitment and drive complimented by a strong competitive consciousness
  • Strong communication skills + a “hands-on”, entrepreneurial spirit
  • BIG PLUS: Experience managing a sales team in a B2C sales environment


BASE SALARY: $80,000 – $92,000
ON-TARGET VARIABLE: $16,000 – $18,400 (20% of base)
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $96,000 – $100,400 (with the ability to over achieve)
OTHER: rrsp + extensive medical/dental coverage + mileage + cell + education reimbursement

INTERESTED?  Then there are 4 things we’ll need from you;

  1. Please send your resume to Jordana Matsos at
  2. Ensure the subject line of your email reads YOU GIVE ME FEVER – 20J20-MTCHFBL
  3. In a short email … please tell Jordana how your experience fits.
  4. Please include a link to your social media presence (LinkedIn etc …)

CRÈME DE LA CRÈME – (OTE: $135,000+)

The term, “crème de la crème” is borrowed from the French language, where it means, “cream of the cream”.
Metaphorically speaking … the term refers to “the best of the best”.

Interestingly enough, this expression is actually pretty uncommon in French!

It’s widely believed the term may have originally had additional appeal in English … due to the French language conjuring a sense of sophistication, taste and style!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Not much really.

That said … our client is in rapid expansion mode and they’ve asked Match and Fable’s Jordana Matsos to help find them a Business Development Executive … who is the “crème de la crème” in their industry!


Our client is looking for a skilled, strategic sales hunter who instinctively leaves no stone unturned.

The ideal candidate is from the transportation space, with the PERFECT fit coming from the FREIGHT space!

A track record of determined and successful revenue growth in various verticals will make you a top candidate.

The right candidate can work in a fast-paced environment, exceeding the needs of their clients.
In this role … you’ll be solely responsible for selling value-based transportation solutions. Period!



  • 50+ years in business … providing transportation solutions
  • Committed to enhancing customer experience via strategic growth, acquisitions and technology
  • Nation-wide sustainability initiatives include things like energy efficient warehousing
  • Digital transformation is real – predictive diagnostics + automated communication tools
  • 500+ employees will tell you … how much they enjoy working with one another


  • 7+ years’ transportation sales … with a ‘net new’ business development focus!
  • Ability to utilize consultative selling process to present client-needs-oriented solutions
  • A track record of new business enabling you to achieve quota (and hopefully … over-achievement)


BASE SALARY: $90,000 – $100,000
ON-TARGET VARIABLE: $40,000 (uncapped)
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $130,000 – $140,000
OTHER: RRSP + medical/dental + $750 car allowance + home-based office + 407 ETR for client visits


1: Email your resume to Jordana Matsos at;
2: Ensure the subject line reads; CRÈME DE LA CRÈME – 26I20MTCHFBL.
3: Based on the job description … tell Jordana specifically … why you’re a fit for this role.