Did you know Superman was actually co-created by a Canadian?

In 1933 … (along with his high school friend – Jerry Siegel) … Joe Shuster (a Toronto-born artist) created the character, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Other Canadian connections to the Superman empire include the premise that the Daily Planet was based on the Toronto Star … and the city of Metropolis was inspired by Toronto’s skyline.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Well, not much really.

That said … on this mandate … Danielle Giannattasio is looking for a ‘Man of Steel’ (could definitely be a ‘Woman of Steel’, as well) …  for our steel fabrication client, located in the Hamilton / Niagara Region.



The General Manager will be tasked with overhauling business operations with a hands-on approach.

They will use their industry knowledge and ‘know how’ to grow the business’ ability to take on projects from start to finish. In an industry often dictated by the economy, our client is looking for a leader who isn’t afraid to utilize creative strategies to get ahead of the game … and take charge of the market.

We’re looking for someone with;

  1. An intimate understanding of the steel fabrication business.
  2. The capacity to be engaged in all parts of the business … not an arm chair quarterback!
  3. The leadership experience to generate improvements across the business – soup to nuts!


  • Work with executive management, suppliers and union reps to leverage growth opportunities
  • Manage P&L and apply business acumen to decisions (Depreciation, ROI, Cash Flow, A/R, A/P)
  • Direct sales efforts to assist in account development and development of new markets
  • Review reports and take action to evaluate activities, costs, operations, budgets and forecasts
  • Negotiate pricing and issues with vendors
  • Maintain facility layout to promote safety, security, and productivity while leveraging space
  • Establish processes; 1:1’s, Team Calls, KPIs and determine how to best grow the business
  • Evaluate performance of personnel, develop goals … and provide formal and informal feedback
  • Promote an environment of empowerment, respect … and genuine accountability


  • MUST HAVE: Experience (in a leadership role) within a steel fabrication environment
  • MUST HAVE: Understanding of project costing and estimation, purchasing of project materials and subcontract services and experience in contract negotiations and review of contract terms and conditions
  • MUST HAVE: Knowledge of union contracts and negotiations


BASE SALARY: $130,000 – $150,000
MBO POTENTIAL: $30,000 – $50,000 (uncapped and based on business performance)
ON-TARGET POTENTIAL: $160,000 – $200,000+
OTHER: benefits

There are 3 things we’ll need from you;

  1. Please send your resume to Danielle Giannattasio at
  2. Ensure the subject line of your email reads THE ‘MAN OF STEEL’ ROLE – 8L71MTCHFBL
  3. In a short email … please tell Danielle how your experience fits what we’ve outlined above.

THE ‘SIDEKICK’ ROLE (Pharmacy Assistant) ($18 -$20 / hour)


When it comes to famous ‘sidekicks’ in pop-culture … there have been many.
Some of the most famous include; Chewbacca to Han Solo, Robin to Batman and of course … Pedro to Napoleon!

By definition … sidekicks took ‘second chair’ to the main characters.
However, their contribution to the success of the lead was generally, quite significant.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Well … nothing really.

That said … our client has asked Kelly Meadows to find a ‘sidekick’ who can make a significant contribution of their own for a busy pharmacy located in Hamilton, Ontario.

OFFICE:                    HAMILTON, ONTARIO
INDUSTRY:               PHARMACY


The Pharmacy Assistant is responsible for clerical and administrative responsibilities, including serving customers, completing and filing paperwork, stocking pharmacy shelves and answering telephone queries.


  • Process accurate and complete prescription orders from clients
  • Maintain clear and accurate patient and prescription records
  • Assist with measuring, mixing, and compounding prescription products
  • Responsible for accurately blister packing, labeling, and dispensing of medications
  • Ensure inventory of drugs and pharmacy stock are up to date
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment
  • Provide excellent customer service and handles cash register transactions
  • Prepare letters, memos, receipts, benefit claims and invoices for clients


  • 2 years’ experience working as a Pharmacy Assistant and Long-Term Care experience preferred
  • Diploma from a Pharmacy Assistant program required
  • Excellent communication skills verbally and written
  • Ability to work independently and in a busy team environment
  • Kroll software experience is required


SALARY: $18.00 to $20.00 / hour
OTHER: Full-time … and must be flexible to work evenings and weekends

INTERESTED?  There are 3 things Kelly needs from you;

  1. Please send your resume to Kelly Meadows at
  2. Ensure the subject line of your email reads; THE ‘SIDEKICK’ ROLE (Pharmacy Assistant) #8K71MTCHFBL

  3. In a short email … please tell Kelly how your experience fits what we’ve outlined above.



The phrase “the bee’s knees” gained popularity in the 1920’s.
Ever wonder where it came from?
Well … probably not … but even so, the truth is … no one really knows, for sure.

Some argue it has to do with the fact that as a bee travels from flower to flower and back to the hive … it carries pollen on its legs.
Naturally … the sweetness of that pollen is collected around their knees.

Others maintain it stems from the phrase ‘the Be all and End all’ … or, in short … “the B’s ‘n’ E’s” (say it fast … and it sounds like it).

In any event … while we may not know the origin … we do know it stands for something which is highly regarded.

What does this have to do with our latest role? Well … nothing really.
That said … our client is looking for a Nurse Practitioner in Hamilton … who is “the bee’s knee’s” and can help elevate their clinic to new heights!

INDUSTRY:                NURSING


In collaboration with the multidisciplinary healthcare team, the Nurse Practitioner will lead and support the clinic.

The Nurse practitioner will manage acute and chronic medical conditions, both physical and mental, through history and physical exam and the ordering of diagnostic tests and medical treatments.

This individual will also ensure patients have timely and efficient access to therapy.

This role is accountable for providing exceptional nursing care to meet the needs of the clinic, using primary care for patient-focused health care plans as the framework for care.


  • Perform measurements and assessments, manage patient follow-ups and monitor response to therapy
  • Manage patient intake, scheduling and facilitate patient access to medication/reimbursement
  • Customize elements of health care plans
  • Electronic medical record (EMR) keeping and maintenance
  • Support physicians by providing patients with health education, disease and therapy information and counselling
  • Address patients’ educational and motivational needs to support patient success in treatment programs


  • Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing, and successful completion of the Ontario Primary HealthCare Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program in the Extended Class RN(EC)
  • Good standing with a regulatory body in Ontario (College of Nurses of Ontario, Nurse Practitioner Association of Ontario)
  • Minimum 3-5 years’ experience as a NP (preferably in primary care)
  • Current CPR and First Aid Certificates
  • Excellent communication skills ability to work in a fast-paced clinic
  • Must be flexible to work evenings and weekends, as necessary


HOURLY: $55.00 – $60.00 / PER HOUR
OTHER: medical benefits + vacation

INTERESTED & QUALIFIED?  If so … there are 3 things Kelly needs from you;

  1. Please send your resume to Kelly Meadows at
  2. Ensure the subject line of your email reads; THE ‘BEE’S KNEES’ ROLE – #31J71-MTCHFBL.
  3. In a BRIEF email … please tell Kelly how your experience and qualifications fit.


Louis Hebert

Did you know Louis Hebert is considered Canada’s first apothecary … as well as the first European to farm here?

In 1617 … Louis, his wife and their three children sold most of their belongings in Paris, France … and boarded a ship destined for Quebec … (without iPads or Netflix to keep them entertained).

Upon their arrival … Louis’ knowledge as an apothecary … as well as his small store of grain … was an absolute godsend to the sick and starving … in his new ‘hood’.

Louis was the first settler to sow wheat and vegetables in Quebec … but he was forced into a bit of a ‘raw deal’.

You see, as a condition of his coming to “New France’ … Louis was indentured to the Canada Company for 2 years. This meant he had to hand over all the produce and grain he harvested during that time!

Once those 2 difficult years passed … he was awarded his own parcel of land and named a Lord for his contribution!

Unfortunately … one day in 1627 … Louis slipped on a patch of ice … and died from his injuries!

What does this have to do with our latest role? Well … nothing really.
That said … our client is looking for an ‘apothecary of sorts’ to join their group in the Simcoe area!

INDUSTRY:                PHARMACY


The Pharmacy Manager will lead and be responsible for the production, compounding and apportioning of medicines, within the dispensary.

The Pharmacy Manager will lead the charge of dispensation of prescriptions by engaging standard operating principles for logging, filling, receiving, dispensing and controlling loss.


  • HR Management (including payroll, staff development, performance management, training and development, policies & procedures compliance, recruitment & selection, health and safety compliance)
  • Finance (managing P&L statements and achieving operational targets)
  • QA Management and inventory control
  • Provide pharmaceutical services to patients by reviewing and dispensing doctor’s medication orders
  • Investigate medication incidents and create solutions to prevent drug related problems
  • Monitor drug therapy for effectiveness, toxicity and adhere to evidence based medicine / guidelines
  • Direct and supervise technical staff and pharmacists, respond to drug-related questions and facilitate clinical education to team members


  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Pharmacy (or equivalent)
  • Licensed (and in good standing with) the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP)
  • 5-7 years retail or more pharmacy practice experience
  • Possess excellent English verbal and written communication skills
  • Nexxsys or Kroll pharmacy software experience
  • Health management consulting
  • Knowledge of Clinical Pharmacy Care and Long-Term Care Pharmacy preferred
  • Demonstrated leadership experience
  • Must be flexible to work evenings and weekends, as necessary


SALARY: $120,000 – $130,000
OTHER: medical benefits + vacation

If so … there are 3 things Kelly needs from you;

  1. Please send your resume to Kelly Meadows at
  2. Ensure the subject line of your email reads; THE ‘LOUIS HEBERT’ ROLE – #30J71-MTCHFBL.
  3. In a BRIEF email … please tell Kelly how your experience and qualifications fit.

THE ‘ARITHMOPHOBIA’ ROLE – ($35,000 – $42,000)

Accounting Technician

Believe it or not … there’s a term for people who have an irrational fear of numbers.
It’s called ‘arithmophobia’!

We’ve all heard of superstitions that exist with the number 13 (unlucky) or say … 666 (the sign of the devil).

However … true ‘arithmophobics’ fear all kinds of numbers … especially complex math equations.

So … what does this have to do with Danielle’s latest role?  Nothing really.
That said … if you’re an ‘arithmophobic’ this is definitely not the role for you.


Our client is one of the leading accounting firms in Hamilton.
Truth is … they’re busier than a house on fire … and they need an Accounting Technician (or 2 or 3) to help them manage their work load.

The working environment is fantastic.
You’ll be busy … but you’ll learn a lot … and have opportunity to grow within the firm.
Bottom line … they take care of the employees who take care of them.
Your effort will absolutely not go unnoticed!



  • Prepare basic Corporate tax returns and Notice to Reader financial statements
  • Assist with … and prepare Personal Tax Returns
  • Prepare specialized financial reports … as per ad hoc client requests
  • Assist on CRA assessment reviews
  • Prepare regular external filings such as TAs and T5s and EHT returns
  • Assist a broad range of small business clients with day-to-day accounting queries


  • 2 years of experience with a public accounting firm
  • Sound bookkeeping knowledge
  • Experience with Notice to Reader and Review Engagement files
  • Experience with the preparation of personal and corporate tax returns
  • Experience with payroll matters
  • Strong working knowledge of Simply Accounting or QuickBooks, Caseware, TaxPrep (or similar)
  • An accounting certificate or diploma (while not mandatory) is definitely an asset


BASE SALARY: $35,000 – $42,000
OTHER: benefits


1st – Email your resume to Danielle Giannattasio at;

2nd – Ensure the subject line reads; THE ‘ARITHMOPHOBIA’ ROLE – (26H17-MTCHFBL).

3rd – Don’t send a generic email … where you simply change the “Dear Insert Name” portion.

4th – Based on this job description … tell Danielle what makes you a fit for this role.



Position Filled Logo

Growing up in my neighborhood, there came a time … usually around the age of 10, when you longed to graduate from being looked at as a little kid … to having what we considered to be the ultimate ‘street cred’.

That rite of passage was none other than … ‘Nicky-Nicky 9 Doors’!

‘Nicky-Nicky 9 Doors’ (also known as … ‘Ding-Dong-Ditch’) had 4 simple rules;

RULE #1:
It had to ‘go down’ on a Saturday night … and only after dark.
(If you had to be home “when the street lights came on” … you effectively disqualified yourself).

RULE #2:
You couldn’t just knock on the screen door … it had to be the ‘real’ door!
(Having to open the screen door wasted precious seconds … elevating the odds of getting caught).

RULE #3:
You had to knock 3 times and clearly say the word ‘steamboat’ in between knocks.
(A combination of ringing the doorbell while knocking would elevate you to legend status)!

RULE #4:
You couldn’t pick the house … that was decided for you, and the house usually fell into one of three categories;

It was the house everyone thought was ‘haunted’ … the house with two ferocious pit bulls or, … God forbid … Mr. Watson’s place!
(For the record … no one actually knew Mr. Watson’s real life story but the stories we’d heard as kids would paralyze you simply by having to walk by his house … much less having to make the trip to his porch)!

So … what does this have to do with my latest role? Nothing really.
That said … if you think about it … ‘Nicky-Nicky 9 Doors’ was my initiation into the world of cold-calling.


My client is a well-known brand … famous for developing wonderful sales professionals.
You’d be hard pressed to find a better organization to launch your sales career in the right direction.

If you’re tired of 100% commissioned sales roles or plying your trade in a dead end industry … you should consider this … ‘opportunity knocking’.

My client is looking for sales professionals with 1 to 2 years of hunter-type sales experience. They are also open to entertaining Inside Sales professionals, looking to step out from behind the desk and take on an Outside Sales position.



  • Responsible for building a client base through regular, territory sales calls
  • Prospect a geographic territory, targeting potential clients to initiate long-term partnerships
  • This role is 90% hunting and 10% farming
  • Provide consultative sales approach – creating value for both the client and the organization
  • Manage territory performance targets, while maintaining client satisfaction and overall results
  • Identify and prioritize high potential sales opportunities


  • MUST HAVE: Post-secondary education
  • PREFERENCE FOR: 1-2 years of B2B sales experience
  • IF YOU ARE AWESOME: will consider 6 months of ‘hunting-type’ sales experience
  • The desire to immerse yourself and absorb the world-class sales training you will receive


BASE SALARY: $47,500
ON-TARGET VARIABLE AT 100% OF PLAN: $35,000 (uncapped)
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $82,500 (uncapped)
OTHER: RRSP + benefits + car allowance + gas card + cell allowance


If you’re qualified for this role … the proverbial ball is in your court.
This is what happens next;

1st – I need you to email your resume to me at;

2nd – Ensure the subject line reads; THE ‘OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS’ ROLE – (#21.D.71-HHK)

3rd – I beg you to please, please, please not send me a previously prepared, generic email … where you simply change the “Dear Insert Name” portion.

4th – This one is critical! Based on my job description … tell me specifically what makes you a legitimate contender.