James Byron Dean was born in Indiana on February 8, 1931.
He would go on to become an actor and pop-culture icon.

In September 1955, while driving his sports car … Dean was killed in a horrific car accident.
His car was towed to a garage … where the engine slipped out … shattering a mechanic’s legs.
A doctor purchased the engine and placed into his race car. Shortly after … he was killed in a race.
In that same race, another driver (who had Dean’s driveshaft fitted into his car) … was also killed.
When Dean’s Porsche was eventually repaired … the garage it was serviced in, was gutted by a fire.
The car was eventually put on display in Sacramento, where it fell off its mount – breaking a teenager’s hip.
In Oregon, the trailer the car was mounted on slipped from its tow bar … smashing through a storefront.
And, in 1959 … the car inexplicably broke into 11 pieces … while resting on steel supports.

So … what does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Nothing, really.

That said, while this story may speak to curse or coincidence … if you happen to be a fit for Match and Fable’s latest role … we think it’s a wonderful coincidence that you happened across this posting!


Our client’s organization is a well-known brand … famous for developing top-shelf sales professionals.
You’d be hard pressed to find a better organization to launch your sales career in the right direction.

Are you tired of 100% commission sales roles … or plying your trade in a dead-end industry? If so … this is opportunity knocking.

Match and Fable’s Sabrina Galli is looking for a sales professional with as little as 6 month to 1 year of hunter-type, B2B sales experience.

Our client will consider, accomplished Inside Sales professionals, looking to step out from behind the desk … and take on an Outside Sales position.



  • Responsible for building a client base through regular, territory sales calls
  • Prospect a geographic territory, targeting potential clients to initiate long-term partnerships
  • This role is 90% hunting and 10% farming
  • Provide consultative sales approach – creating value for both the client and the organization
  • Manage territory performance targets, while maintaining client satisfaction and overall results
  • Identify and prioritize high potential sales opportunities


  • MUST HAVE: Post-secondary education
  • MUST HAVE: The desire to learn from the best and put in the effort to succeed
  • Minimum 6 months of sales experience (B2B … not B2C)


BASE SALARY: $47,500
ON-TARGET VARIABLE: $60,000 (that’s no typo!)
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $107,500 (uncapped)
OTHER: rrsp + benefits + car allowance + gas card + cell allowance


  1. Email your resume to Sabrina Galli at;
  2. Ensure subject line reads; JAMES DEAN (SCARBOROUGH) 13I91
  3. Based on the description above … please tell Sabrina what makes you a legitimate contender.