Match and Fable welcomes … Kelly Meadows!

Kelly Meadows - Headshot - 28OCT2017 - NEO

Match and Fable is absolutely buzzing with excitement!
You see … someone very special showed up this morning … for her first day on the job –and we’re delighted that she’s here!

(To put it into perspective … it’s like Connor McDavid decided to join the Maple Leafs!)

So … who is this special someone?

Well … it’s none other than – Kelly Meadows!

Kelly will be leading Match and Fable’s National Healthcare practice.

Over the past 7 years … she has built a robust and trusted network within the Medical and Pharmacy sectors … cementing her place as one of Life Science’s premiere headhunters – across Canada.

In keeping with Match and Fable’s ‘modus operandi’, Kelly’s not just a recruiter … she’s a headhunter!
The urgency and process with which she tackles new mandates is a pleasure to witness.
She has a genuine talent for mining her market and delivering coveted candidates on her searches.

Please join me in welcoming Kelly to the Match and Fable team!

To connect with Kelly at Match and Fable;

Kelly Meadows
Healthcare Headhunter
Cell / Text: +1-905-407-9010