5 HITMEN (OTE: $125,000 – $137,500)

In October 2013, a Chinese real estate developer, Tan Youhui offered a contract killer (Hitman #1) $280,000 to murder his competitor, Mr. Wei … who had recently filed a lawsuit against him.

Hitman #1 pocketed half the money and subcontracted the job to another killer (Hitman #2), for $140,000.
Hitman #2 followed suit and offered a lesser amount to Hitman #3.
Hitman #3 skimmed a chunk of that money for himself and offered even less to Hitman #4.
Hitman #4 did the same, presenting Hitman #5 with a measly 5% of the original amount ($14,000).

Hitman #5 got cold feet and contacted Mr. Wei – offering to help him fake his death.
The two men staged the murder and Hitman #5 sent the pictures to #4 who sent them to #3, and so on!

At the same time, Mr. Wei contacted the police who arrested all the hired guns, as well as the real estate developer. Tan was sentenced to 5 years and each of the hitmen received between 2 and 4 years of jail time.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Nothing really.

That said, our client is looking for a General Manager for their Protective Services Division – in the Province of Quebec. And they’re looking for someone who will get ‘the job’ done! 😉


Our client is one of North America’s premiere security companies. They help their clients mitigate risk – allowing them to focus on their core service offering.

They’re looking for a General Manager to direct the company’s Protective Services Division – in Quebec.

The GM will lead 5 direct reports, cascading to a Field-Ops contingent of nearly 500 guards!
The candidate we’re looking for must have experience in the security industry.
We’re looking for someone with personality and a “roll-up your sleeves” attitude.



  • Responsible for day-to-day management of company’s Quebec branches (Montreal + Quebec City)
  • Client relations for major logo clientele, new job startups, transitions of accounts, and employee relations
  • Regular contact with clients, proactive problem resolution, and oversight regarding daily client challenges
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of Quebec branches, specifically coaching, developing, and guiding the branch staff to perform effectively
  • Supervision of staff, ensuring company policies and procedures are in place, administer coaching and disciplinary actions, and provide support to branch staff in execution of their roles
  • P&L accountability for Protective Services division in Quebec
  • Ensure operational excellence and flawless execution in service delivery
  • Build relationships with front line staff and demonstrate a ‘hands-on’ approach


  • 5+ years in a similar, leadership position … within the security industry
  • Client is willing to entertain Operations Managers / Service Managers / Area Managers or Client Services Managers who are ready to step into this role but haven’t had the opportunity with their current employer
  • Ability to inspire a team and build consensus to promote a common goal
  • Persuasive and able to adapt communication style to both audience and situation
  • Strong critical thinking and business acumen + a high level of confidentiality
  • Excellent time management & collaborative skills


BASE SALARY: $100,000 – $110,000
BONUS: 25% of base salary
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $125,000 – $137,500
OTHER: benefits + rrsp + car allowance


If you’re qualified for this role … the ball is in your court.

1: Email your resume to Paul Litschko at; plitschko@matchfable.com.
2: Ensure the subject line reads; 5 HITMEN – (15G22MTCHFBL)
3: Based on the job description … explain how you are a fit for this role.

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