23 LARGE ($42,000 – $45,000)

In August 2019, a man in Ashland, Oregon sold his RV and truck for $23,000 in cold, hard cash. For safe keeping, he stashed the money in an old shoe box in his closet.

The following recycling day, he tossed a few shoeboxes out with his trash.
Several hours later, he realized what he had done and raced to the curb to find the collectors had already stopped by!

Frantically, he called the recycling company who informed him the truck was 5 hours away – in California.

Workers at the sorting facility were asked to be on the look-out for the shoebox.
Miraculously, it was located and only $320 had blown away!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Nothing, at all.

That said, this entry level position is quite the ‘find’ that can lead to a long career with a great company.

Our client is looking for a Sales Support Specialist in the Mississauga region!


This hybrid (home / office) role will support the efforts of the sales team with respect to day-to-day dealings with the organization’s clientele. In this position, you will learn all the facets of the business and ready yourself to move up in the organization.



  • Manage returns, credits and re-bill requests
  • Assist sales team members (Inside Sales and Field Sales) in fulfilling commitments to clientele
  • Prepare and deliver weekly, monthly, and ad hoc reports
  • Use all available company resources, to solve problems and tackle challenges
  • Assist with new order processing via incoming and outgoing calls
  • Promote products and propose suitable alternatives via inventory search
  • Enter orders in system + follow-up + manage delivery status + special orders


  • ~1 year of Customer Service or sales-related experience (Call center experience is an asset)
  • Comfortable dealing with clients – with the ability to adapt to changing situations
  • Gifted in understanding customer needs, and able to recommend alternative solutions
  • Collaborative and team-oriented + ability to multitask, prioritize and manage time
  • Strong attention to detail and vigilant with follow-ups
  • Comfortable with technology + strong grasp of Microsoft Office


SALARY: $42,000 – $45,000
OTHER: Hybrid (home / office) environment + full benefits + vacation + week off during Christmas holidays + lots of growth potential


1: Email your resume to Jeanne Agius at; jagius@matchfable.com.
2: Ensure the subject line reads; 23 LARGE – 29D22MTCHFBL
3: Based on the job description … tell Jeanne specifically … why you’re a fit for this role.

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