BOY WONDER (OTE: $80,000 – $92,000+)

William James Sidis was born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 1, 1898.
And, while he happened to be born on April Fool’s Day – he was certainly anything, but a fool!

By age 2, young William was reading the New York Times.
By age 6, he spoke 7 languages; English, Latin, French, German, Russian, Turkish & Armenian!
He qualified to enter Harvard at the age of 9 … but the school insisted he wait until he was eleven to attend.

With an estimated IQ of somewhere between 250 and 300 (considerably higher than Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton) … this Boy Wonder was considered a super-genius!

He graduated from Harvard at age 16 and taught mathematics at Rice Institute in Texas, for a short while. But, since he was so much younger than his students – this career didn’t pan out for him.

Ultimately, he chose to live a life of solitude working in relatively low-level accounting jobs until his death at the age of 46 from a cerebral hemorrhage.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Nothing, at all.

That said, it doesn’t take a super-genius to recognize a great opportunity staring them in the face!

Our client is looking for an Account Manager for their Mississauga / Brampton territory.
This individual will develop existing client relationships – while cultivating new opportunities.


Based from a home office (with a company vehicle and gas card) … the Account Manager will develop the Mississauga / Brampton territory.

The right candidate is experienced at developing & strengthening client relationships.
They’ll manage a client list of 100 accounts – ranging from accounts who conduct minimal business with our client … to others, who are virtually exclusive!

Given the account mix, the Account Manager will need to nurture existing business, as well as strategically hunt for new opportunities to secure revenue.



  • Build genuine relationships and loyalty with every client in your territory via regular sales calls
  • Call on Parts Advisors, Parts Managers, Service Advisors etc … at Auto Dealerships
  • Manage and grow business with ~100 accounts via regular sales calls (~15 – 20 per week)
  • 70% of the role involves dealing with current clientele, to increase share of wallet spend
  • 30% of the role involves targeting strategic accounts, to win business from the competition
  • Develop transactional customers into loyal clients + lift loyal relationships to trusted advisor status
  • Know your territory intimately + develop multiple relationships (deep, high and wide) with every client
  • Implement and action a business plan using CRM + other company tools


  • 3+ years sales experience, as a sales professional in a field sales role
  • Clear understanding of a repeatable sales process
  • Proficiency dealing with client contacts at various levels and navigating past gatekeepers
  • An internally driven, consultative & collaborative professional who is a strong presenter + great listener
  • Strong capacity to identify client needs and apply fitting products or services


BASE SALARY: $65,000 – $80,000
ON-TARGET VARIABLE: $9,750 – $12,000 (uncapped)
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $74,750 – $92,000 (uncapped)
OTHER: benefits + company vehicle + gas card + work from home


1: Email your resume to Mark Krpan at;
2: Ensure the subject line reads; BOY WONDER – 1A22MTCHFBL
3: Based on the job description, tell Mark … why you’re a fit for this role.

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