BUNNY HOP (OTE: $260,000 – $270,000+)

On my 13th birthday, my parents woke me up and told me to go to the garage.

I threw open the door and there she was … the Raleigh BMX Burner I’d been asking for – well, forever!

My prayers were answered – Ocean Blue … with ‘rat-trap’ pedals and 5-star yellow spoke rims!

I laced up my sneakers … and took that baby for a ride!
Since the bike was brand-new, I didn’t even consider trying to pop wheelies … but bunny hops were pretty safe.

So, I bunny-hopped like a maniac!

Cruising down the street, nodding at neighbourhood kids … I was sure every one of them was green with envy!

Every now and then, I’d see my reflection in a window and was awe-struck by the sheer beauty of my new bike.

Long story short, as I passed a group of kids sitting on their porch, I decided I’d probably look pretty cool if I spit.

Not taking the direction of the wind into account, that spit twirled through the air … and landed squarely on my shoulder!

Mortified … (and desperately hoping no one had witnesed the result of my ill-fated attempt at coolness), I feverishly wiped at my t-shirt … paying no regard to the direction my bike and I were heading in.

At that point, everything felt like it was happening in slow motion. I clipped the front end of a parked, Chevrolet Monte Carlo and cartwheeled across the hood – the new ‘love of my life’ … continuing in her own, ill-fated trajectory.

Now, maybe the kids on that porch didn’t see the event leading up to the wipe out … but they certainly couldn’t miss the ‘carnage’ that followed!

Beyond humiliated, I picked up my bike and limped down the street … dying a little inside, every time I noticed another scratch on my new bike.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Nothing, really.

That said, now that we have your attention … we’re excited to tell you about one of our latest roles with an iconic, North American organization.

They are in search of a senior sales professional with experience (and high-level relationships) within the Canadian Financial Institution space (The Big 5 Banks).


The National BDM will focus on the Financial Institution space (the 5 Big Banks + other, complimentary targets).

You will become the SME as it relates to selling the company’s new wave of solutions into this vertical market.

The successful candidate will own the strategy and facilitation of client engagement at the most senior of levels.




  • This is a strategic, business development role with a small amount of account management
  • Strategically sell digital / technology solutions into Canada’s Big 5 Banks … and related targets
  • Promote partnerships benefiting both the organization and their clients
  • Sell technology, vault management and supply chain services / solutions
  • Drive Executive Level relationships (senior contacts who can pull together internal departments and key decision makers)
  • Introduce complimentary offerings to existing clientele


  • Minimum 5 years’ senior level experience selling complex solutions (helping clients “connect the dots” on how proposed solutions can benefit their business)
  • Experience (and exisiting relationships) selling into the Financial Institution space in Canada
  • Open to candidates from; software / technology / wealth side of banks / other high-level solutions
  • Must be very comfortable and experienced conducting V & C-level discussions
  • Verifiable sales excellence achievement – demonstrating the ability to target and close large deals
  • A capable sales professional (hunter), eager to uncover new revenue opportunities
  • Preference for candidates residing in Toronto (but open to Montreal, as well)


BASE SALARY: $130,000 – $140,000
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $260,000 – $270,000
OTHER: car allowance + benefits (day 1) + pension + work from home flex


If you’re interested (and qualified) … this is what happens next;

1. Email your resume to Mark at; mkrpan@matchfable.com.

2. Ensure subject line reads; BUNNY HOP – 6K21MTCHFBL

3. Based on the description … please explain how your experience and achievements qualify you for this role.

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