GINGER ALE (OTE: $140,000 – $145,000 + CAR)

As the son of Croatian immigrants, we had what we needed … but we certainly didn’t have any ‘extra’. Looking back … we were firmly entrenched at the bottom end of middle-class.

My mother usually shopped for groceries at Miracle Mart … and when we were expecting company on the weekend … she’d splurge for a few bottles of pop!

She never bought ‘good pop’ though – always opting for ginger ale.
For some reason, she seemed to think ginger ale was healthier.
My sisters and I thought it sucked!

When ginger ale was on special … she’d buy a whole whack of bottles.
At the time, you had to pay a 30-cent deposit for the 750ml and 60-cents for the 1.5-liter bottle.

Now, I never received an allowance as a kid … so sometimes, I had to get creative when I needed a little cash.

One day, I was home alone and had a genius idea!
I grabbed 4 unopened bottles from the fruit cellar and walked over to the kitchen sink.
I emptied each of them down the drain … and headed straight to Helen’s Variety to cash-in!

With $2.10 burning a hole in my pocket … I bought a king size Mars bar, a bag of Ring-o-lo’s, a bottle of coke … and as many one cent Swedish Berries as I could get with the rest of it.

This is where things went south – fast!
I propped myself up on the ice freezer in front of the store … and began feasting on my bounty.

Moments later, I heard a car honk – it was my mother … wagging her finger and motioning for me to get home.
I won’t get into what happened when I got home (as the statute of limitations may not have expired) but suffice it to say … my mom didn’t practice the “time-out” kind of parenting.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Nothing, really.

That said, now that we have your attention … check out Match and Fable’s latest Director, Sales role in the GTA.



The Director, Sales will establish and develop sales strategies for the Ontario region.
As a senior leader in the organization, they will directly lead a sales team of 10 individuals.


  • In conjunction with the Senior Director, Sales, the Director, Sales will assist in strategic planning and execution of sales and marketing initiatives to deliver business growth
  • Mentor, coach and develop the Ontario sales team (10 individuals) to hone selling skills and achieve targets
  • ~3 days per week in the field … working with sales team on joint calls
  • Set clear sales activity objectives … remove roadblocks … and lead the charge
  • Establish targets for the team … based on company margin and market share objectives
  • Develop multi-level relationships with clients base – across Ontario


  • 5 years in a sales management / leadership role
  • An additional 5 years of individual contributor sales experience
  • A ‘fresh’ perspective to creatively challenge conventional operating procedures
  • Genuinely smart … with a desire to work in a results-oriented, client-centric environment
  • Strong leadership skills … a coach and motivator who can build relationships resulting in performance


BASE SALARY: $120,000 – $125,000
ON-TARGET MBO: $20,000 (stretch target to $40,000)
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $140,000 – $145,000
OTHER: benefits + company vehicle + gas card

INTERESTED?  There are 3 things we’ll need from you;

  1. Please send your resume to Mark Krpan at
  2. Ensure the subject line of your email reads; GINGER ALE – 12J21MTCHFBL
  3. In a short email … please tell Mark how your experience fits what we’ve outlined above.

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