THE ‘CHRISTMAS MIRACLE’ ROLE – (OTE: $175,000 – $185,000+)

On December 7, 1914 (a few months after The Great War had begun) … Pope Benedict XV proposed a temporary cease-fire to recognize the significance of Christmas.

The countries involved instantly dismissed the suggestion and advised their armies to not even consider such an act.

However, on Christmas morning … Allied soldiers began to hear the words “Merry Christmas” echoing in the cold air.

They soon realized the voices were coming from no-man’s-land – the area separating their trenches from those of the Germans.

They suspected it was a trap … but, as they poked their heads out, they saw the German soldiers were in fact, unarmed!

Slowly … soldiers from both sides made their way into the field, shaking hands and exchanging Christmas greetings.

For the next few hours … they sat together, singing Christmas carols and trading gifts such as cigarettes and pudding. A friendly game of soccer was played – to boot!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Nothing really!

That said, for the right individual, this Christmas may prove to be a pretty miraculous event … if they land this wonderful Director of Operations role with Match and Fable’s client.


This Director, Operations is ultimately responsible for the operation of 4 manufacturing plants (3 in Ontario and 1 in Quebec. Our client is looking for a ‘hands-on” leader … not an arm chair quarterback! The mandate is simple: Ensure all 4 Plants operate at maximum efficiency & productivity, while adhering to all laws, protection of employees’ safety and product safety.



  • Provide operational guidance to Plant Managers and staff – across 4 manufacturing facilities
  • Work with Plant Managers, Supervisors, Engineering and Suppliers to reduce operational cost, utilities and raw materials
  • Along with Plant Managers … determine goals for individual plants and monitor effectiveness
  • Conduct annual performance reviews with the Plant Managers and their supervising staff
  • Monitor daily operational systems and processes of plants versus efficiency goals (adjusting processes, as necessary)
  • Maintain active relationships with all Plant Department Heads … and review KPIs … ensuring goals are met
  • Search for areas of opportunity in reviewing results … to find “tweaks” in processes to bolster performance
  • Provide feedback on union actives and be fully involved in grievances when they reach arbitration


  • HIGHLY PREFERRED: Post-secondary Diploma or Degree in Engineering
  • MUST HAVE: 8+ years’ experience in Senior Management Operational capacity (must have led direct reports)
  • Experienced with Electrical Control Design and PLC software systems
  • Skilled in production, quality, labour management, employee relations, customer relations and finance
  • Proven experience in plant and process improvements
  • Must have a strong “mechanical side”
  • Experienced in a Plant Operations environment and … technically inclined
  • Exquisite time management / planning skills (to implement and complete projects)
  • Budget planning and maintaining
  • Proven experience formulating innovative solutions
  • Excellent communication skills and proven negotiating skills with suppliers and labour / unions
  • Working knowledge of Safety, Environmental and Quality Standards
  • Technical support for plant engineering and maintenance departments
  • Able to balance multiple projects simultaneously … and work under pressure to achieve project completion timelines
  • Ability to travel (not a heavy travel schedule) to all 4 Canadian plants … (and occasionally, to USA)
  • And finally … the ability (and desire) to ‘get the job done’ when extenuating circumstances inevitably arise.


BASE SALARY RANGE: $140,000 – $150,000
ON-TARGET MBO: $35,000 (can earn more, for over achievement)
$175,000 – $185,000
OTHER: benefits + rrsp contribution + company vehicle package (Director Level)


If you ‘tick the boxes’ with respect to the qualifications for this role … the ball is in your court.
And … this is what happens next;

1 – Email your resume to Mark Krpan at;
2 – Ensure the subject line of your email reads; CHRISTMAS MIRACLE – 10L20MTCHFBL
3 – Based on the job description … please tell Mark specifically, what makes you a legitimate contender.

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