NUNCHUKS (OTE: $250,000 – $300,000)

On a lazy Saturday, at the age of 12 … I came across the movie, “Fists of Fury” – starring Bruce Lee. In a matter of 2 hours … my entire life’s purpose changed.

Watching Bruce annihilate 20 guys with a pair of “nunchuks” … I just knew I couldn’t go on living without owning a pair, myself!
I asked my parents to buy me a set … but that was a quick “dead end”.

The next weekend, my parents went out for the evening … so I seized my opportunity!
I sawed the handle off a broom and used 2 small nails to attach a chain from an old purse my mom had given my sister.

They weren’t perfect … but they’d “do the trick”.

I decided it was wise to head inside and practice my moves in the living room … so I could keep an eye out for my parents!

I started slow, but pretty soon, I got to thinking I was a real prodigy!
As I attempted a new move … I whipped one over my shoulder … and heard a “ping”.
A millisecond later … I heard the sound of glass shattering.
And there it was … a single ‘nunchuk’ laying in my mom’s fine china display.

You can imagine what happened when Mama Krpan came home that night.
Needless to say … my aspirations of being an assassin were over!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Not much really!

That said, in a word … Match and Fable’s latest role is absolutely “deadly”!



Our client is a high tech, SaaS based company, actually disrupting a traditional model in need of a revamp! Their incredibly intuitive technology, has received rave reviews from their North American client base.

After 5 years in the business, they are thriving and looking to enter their next series of funding.
With sky-high retention rates + a team of tremendous professionals, clients are scaling new heights to do business with them.
They are a mission-based organization looking to capture lion’s share of their market across North America!


  • Working remotely … you’ll lead a team of 8 (Supply & Demand Reps + Customer Success Executives), via a ‘hands-on’ approach
  • Recruit and build a ‘world-class’ Sales and Customer Success Team tasked with driving revenue growth
  • Train & coach the sales team on consultative & solution selling while championing a fun sales environment
  • Define + optimize sales strategies and processes to drive revenue growth, increase velocity and visibility into the pipeline


  • MUST HAVE: 5+ years’ experience managing both Inside + Outside sales teams … in a high velocity SaaS environment
  • Strong hiring ability … with experience building out a sales team
  • Experience taking a company from early traction to $20MM+ ARR
  • Thrive in a “target and deadline driven” sales environment
  • Seriously obsessed with Customer Experience
  • An empathic and charismatic leader … with a genuine desire to listen and empower


BASE SALARY: $125,000 – $150,000
ON-TARGET MBO: 100% of base salary
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $250,000 – $300,000
OTHER: benefits + rrsp + stock options + WFH (work from home)

INTERESTED?  Then there are 3 things we need from you;

  1. Please send your resume to Jordana Matsos at
  2. Ensure the subject line of your email reads NUNCHUKS – 30J20MTCHFBL
  3. In a short email … tell Jordana how your experience fits the requirements of this role.

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