For the record … there is no evidence anyone ever called him Big Lou.
However … there is plenty of evidence supporting the notion Louis Hébert was Canada’s first apothecary … and the first European to farm here!

In 1617 … Louis, his wife and three children sold most of their belongings in France … and boarded a ship for Quebec.

Upon their arrival … Louis’ knowledge as an apothecary (along with his small store of grain) … proved a god send to the sick and starving … in his new home.

Louis was the first settler to sow wheat and vegetables in Québec … but he had a bit of a ‘raw deal’.

You see, as a condition of his coming to ‘New France’ … Louis was indentured to the Canada Company for 2 years. Meaning, he had to hand over all the produce and grain he harvested during that time!

Once those 2 brutal years passed … he was awarded his own parcel of land and named a Lord!

One day, in 1627 … Louis slipped on a patch of ice … and died from the resulting injuries!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?
Well … nothing really.

That said … our client is looking for an ‘apothecary of sorts’ to join their group in Windsor!

INDUSTRY:                PHARMACY


The Pharmacy Manager is responsible for the production, compounding and apportioning of medicines, within the dispensary.

The Pharmacy Manager will lead the charge of dispensation of prescriptions by engaging standard operating principles for logging, filling, receiving, dispensing and controlling loss.


  • HR Management (including payroll, staff development, performance management, training and development, policies & procedures compliance, recruitment & selection, health and safety compliance)
  • Finance (managing P&L statements and achieving operational targets)
  • QA Management and inventory control
  • Provide pharmaceutical services to patients by reviewing and dispensing doctor’s medication orders
  • Investigate medication incidents and create solutions to prevent drug related problems
  • Monitor drug therapy for effectiveness, toxicity and adhere to evidence based medicine / guidelines
  • Direct and supervise technical staff and pharmacists, respond to drug-related questions and facilitate clinical education to team members


  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Pharmacy (or equivalent)
  • Licensed (and in good standing with) the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP)
  • 5-7 years retail or more pharmacy practice experience
  • Possess excellent English verbal and written communication skills
  • Nexxsys or Kroll pharmacy software experience
  • Health management consulting
  • Knowledge of Clinical Pharmacy Care and Long-Term Care Pharmacy preferred
  • Demonstrated leadership experience


SALARY: $120,000
BONUS: 10%
OTHER: medical benefits + vacation

INTERESTED & QUALIFIED?  If so … there are 3 things Kelly needs from you;

  1. Please send your resume to Kelly Meadows at
  2. Ensure the subject line of your email reads; THE ‘BIG LOU’ WINDSOR ROLE – #1C81-MTCHFBL.
  3. In a BRIEF email … please tell Kelly how your experience and qualifications fit.

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