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One of the first games we learned to play as children was … ‘Monkey in the Middle’.
Not the most exciting game in the world … but the rules were pretty straight forward.

One unlucky ‘sucker’ stood in the middle of a group of other kids and tried to intercept a ball.

When they did … the kid who had touched the ball last, assumed the position of the ‘monkey’.

More often than not …. if a ‘round’ took more than a few minutes … (and it usually did) … the kid in the middle would usually just give up … and we’d all go play road hockey, instead.

What does this have to do with my latest role?
Well … nothing really.

That said, on this mandate … I’m looking for someone who is gifted at dealing with middlemen … and has a knack for creating lasting impressions with people.

Please realize … these middlemen are no monkeys … and they’re being courted by many others – just like you!


In this role, the M&A Associate’s primary objective is to network with Bankers and Business Brokers (across North America), forging genuine relationships … and capturing their ‘mind space’.

The goal of the M&A Associate is to ensure that when a business matching the type of business my client likes to acquire comes on the market … these middlemen will call them first!

TRAVEL: approximately 15%


There are 2 main responsibilities in this role; Deal Origination and Investment Analysis.

  • Maintain and develop relationships, liaising with investment banks, accounting firms and other middlemen specialized in North American low-mid markets
  • Visit with Brokers … and attend M&A conferences – across North America
  • Analyze investment opportunities: review, screen and scrutinize Confidential Information Memorandums
  • Perform financial analysis of companies
  • Visit acquisition targets across North America, meeting with management teams and interacting with 3rd parties to access information
  • Write memorandums and participate in the investment recommendation process … based on the overall acquisition strategy


  • Undergrad Degree in Business, Engineering or MBA
  • Experience in the Financial Industry would be optimal
  • While this person doesn’t need to have direct sales experience … they must be sales-minded!
  • 2+ years’ manufacturing environment exposure (private equity, investment banking or management consulting)
  • Experience calling on and pitching to senior management decision makers
  • Exposure to / understanding of … the manufacturing industry
  • Extroverted personality with the ability to ‘hold your own’ with Wall Street and Bay Street Executives
  • Knowledge of accounting and financial statements
  • Must be memorable and leave an impression. Generally … the type of person people gravitate to


BASE SALARY: $80,000 – $100,000
ON-TARGET VARIABLE: confidential … but very lucrative … and uncapped!


1st – Email your resume to Mark Krpan at;

2nd – Ensure the subject line reads; THE ‘MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE’ ROLE – (26-F-17-MTCHFBL).

3rd – Don’t send a previously prepared, generic email … where you simply change the “Dear Insert Name” portion.

4th – Based on my job description … tell me specifically what makes you a fit for this role.


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