THE ‘BLOODHOUND GANG’ ROLE (OTE: $144,000 – $180,000)

Position Filled Logo

“Whenever there’s trouble … we’re there on the double … we’re the Bloodhound Gang.
If you’ve got the crime … we’ve got the time … we’re the Bloodhound Gang!”

Back in 1982 … The Bloodhound Gang was a mini-series that aired during the last 5 minutes of a PBS program called “3-2-1 Contact”.

It was about three clever teenagers who solved crimes, with the help of their knowledge of science.

My sister Manda and I would virtually kill ourselves racing home from grade school to catch the end of the show.

Each episode ended with a cliff-hanger, until the crime was miraculously solved!

Nothing was more frustrating than when a 3-2-1 Contact episode ran too long (usually on Fridays) and the announcer would say “The Bloodhound Gang will not be presented today”!  We were devastated that we’d have to wait an entire weekend to find out how the crime would be solved.

What does this have to do with my current role?
Well … nothing really.

That said … my client is in the investigations space … and they’re looking for a Director, Corporate Investigations to lead their own version of a Bloodhound Gang!


The Director, Corporate Investigations will grow the business while leading the Investigations Department.



Develop strategic Sales & Marketing plan to grow the investigations business
Supervise Operations for the entire Investigative department and provide support, direction and solutions
Devise training programs to develop the professional knowledge and skills of the investigative group
Manage criminal investigations and implementation of regulations and programs for select, key clients
Maintain open communication with Sales & Operations groups … as well as law enforcement agencies
Remain current on developments in crime prevention, law enforcement and emergency preparedness
Liaison with other departments and companies within the Group of Companies


3+ years in Director of Investigations role with some experience in business development/sales
Possess a current Investigations License / Post-secondary degree
Track record of growing a business line and dealing with RFP responses
Ability to excel under pressure, tight deadlines and managing changing / multiple priorities
Project Management including planning, organizing, delegating, evaluating & time management
Excellent communication skills; to write comprehensive & detailed investigative reports & correspondence
Proven experience directing, developing and motivating staff
Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style
Experience giving presentations and meeting with corporate level executive


BASE SALARY: $120,000 – $150,000
MBO: up to 20% of Salary
ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $144,000 – $180,000
OTHER: benefits + car allowance + fuel card

WHAT NOW? If you’re qualified for this role … please follow the 4 steps below.

1st – Email your resume to Mark Krpan at;

2nd – Ensure subject line reads; THE ‘BLOODHOUND GANG’ ROLE – (#7.F.71.HHK)

3rd – Please, please, please do not send me a previously prepared, generic email … where you simply change the “Dear Insert Name” portion.

4th – Based on my job description … explain specifically … what makes you a legitimate contender.


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