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In the words of House of Pain’s front man …  Everlast;

“Just like Pearl Jam, I’m still alive.
Look at all these rumors … spreadin’ like tumors, gossip and lies.
Exaggerated reports of my demise.”

Some call it a ‘hiatus’ … others prefer the word ‘sabbatical’.
Call it whatever you want … the good news is … I’m back!

I’d like to apologize for leaving you to wallow in the mind-numbing pool of tedious job descriptions and robot recruiters this industry is renowned for churning out.

After more than a decade of recruiting … it was time for a break.
I’m refreshed and recharged … and my phone is ringing off the hook.

I’ve opened my own agency – Match and Fable Inc.
In keeping with my ‘modus operandi’ … you can expect a unique and uber-refreshing experience!

While is under construction … the new roles I’ve picked up can’t wait for that!

Until the website drops … you can find me at;

TWITTER: @HeadHunterKrpan or @matchfable

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